Mindfulness Yoga Meditation

Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founder of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program, describes Mindfulness as
An awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally. It’s about knowing what is on your mind.”   

Mindfulness provides an awareness that helps us understand ourselves in the present moment. It allows us to be ourselves at this moment in time and not be overwhelmed by what is going on in the environment around us. Mindfulness involves us tuning in to the present moment, instead of tuning out from experience by focusing on the past or worrying about the future.

Yoga is a practice that uses a variety of poses and exercises, concentration, controlled breathing and meditation to promote health and well-being.  Yoga helps us to take care of our body and mind.  

The combination of the disciplines of Mindfulness and Yoga creates a practice to develop the body and mind.  Mindfulness Yoga involves yoga poses and exercises with a deliberate focus on breathing and concentrating the mind. Through Mindfulness Yoga, we can manage our physical and emotional state, strengthening our body and mind.

What are the benefits of Mindfulness Yoga?                Why Mindfulness Yoga with TsU?

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What is Mindfulness Yoga?