Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mindfulness Yoga?

Mindfulness Yoga involves yoga poses and exercises with a deliberate focus on breathing and concentrating the mind. When we link yoga and mindfulness together, the practice engages us to manage our physical and emotional state, strengthening our body and our mind. Find out more.

What are the benefits of Mindfulness Yoga?

There are many benefits of Mindfulness Yoga on the body and mind, including: -Better fitness, flexibility, strength and balance
-Practise healthier ways of taking care of your mind and body
-Able to better regulate emotions and reduce stress -Improves self-image and create a healthy and strong positive body image
-Helps reduce depression and anxiety -Helps develop better skills in concentration, decision making and memory recall

What In School Programs are offered?

We offer a range of programs that are tailored to suit your teaching requirements and needs, as well as fitting in with the timetable at your school. Our programs are suitable for all schooling ages, from Early Childhood to Junior Primary and Primary to High School. We offer Mindfulness Yoga programs for students that run throughout the school term, in OSHC and during Vacation Care. We also provide professional development opportunities for teachers to engage with Mindfulness Yoga. Find out more.

What ages are the In School Programs for?

Our Mindfulness Yoga programs are suitable for all schooling ages, from Early Childhood to Junior Primary and Primary to High School. The content in our programs vary depending on the ages of students, with more advanced Mindfulness Yoga activities provided in the later years of schooling.

What if I want to book more than a term In School Program?

We encourange students continually engaging in Mindfulness Yoga as there are significant benefits of continually practising this discipline. If you would like to book a program for more than one term, contact us and we can arrange the booking for you.

Are there discounts for multiple In School Program bookings?

Yes there are discounts for multiple bookings. If 4 or more classes from your school book on the same day, receive 20% off the total program cost for all classes.

What is different about Mindfulness Yoga with TsU?

At TsU we understand the challenges of coordinating progams for students that can fit in with an extensive Australian Curriculum and your busy daily schedules. We make it simple for you, your students and your school to be involved in our Mindfulness Yoga programs. Find out more.

What do I get if I subscribe?

By subscribing with us, we will keep you up to date with our latest news and offers. In addition to our updates, we also regularly send out useful resources that bring mindfulness into your classroom that you can try with your students to help their mindfulness practices. Subscribe here.

Why can't I access the resources?

As soon as your program is booked, we will contact you to set up access to our resources. You will receive a password that will give you access to our resources for teachers and resources about Mindfulness Yoga. If you have forgotten your password, please contact us.

What happens if my child is sick from an After School Class?

If your child is sick and misses an After School Class we will credit the missed class to you when you book for the following term. If your child becomes sick for a longer period of time we are happy to discuss this with you further.

What After School Classes are offered?

There are three options for After School Classes; Face to Face Classes, Supportive Mindfulness Yoga Classes and Online Classes. Our Face to Face Classes are weekly and in a hall face-to-face with our qualified yoga instructor. Our Supportive Mindfulness Yoga Classes are offered to children who need a more supportive enviornment for their yoga classes, such as smaller class numbers and management of sensory stimuli. These classes are offered face-to-face in a hall also. For those who would prefer to practice their Mindfulness Yoga from the comfort of their own home our Online Classes are virtual classes that are also offered weekly. Find out more. ..

How do I book into an After School Class?

If you would like to reserve your spot in any of our After School Classes click here.