Our Vacation Care Programs

Our Vacation Care Programs are flexible to fit in with your needs and the number of students present in the service. Our Vacation Care programs vary in length and content depending on suitability. We offer half-day and full-day programs that can be tailored to suit your needs. Students will learn the foundations of yoga and breathing techniques with a focus on being mindful.  

If you choose Option 2 in our Full or Half day sessions, our staff will provide the activities and run the sessions. The students will be shown the activity and have a chance to make their own while our staff let them know how they can use the activity to enhance their Mindfulness experience. 




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Full day

Option 1

  • Yoga sessions only

Option 2

  • Half Day yoga session paired with Meditation and Included Mindfulness Activities

Half day

Option 1

  • Yoga sessions only

Option 2

  •  1 hour Yoga Session paired with Meditation and Included Mindfulness Activities

Included Mindfulness Activities

  • Group meditations

  • Mindful colouring

  • Mindful movement

  • Mandala making

  • Gratefulness jar for the service

Add-On Mindfulness Activities

  • Eye pillow making

  • Mindful jar making

  • Eye masks

  • Mindfulness rocks

  • Mindful knitting

Vacation Care Pricing

  • Half Day - $160 + GST

  • Full Day - $300 + GST

Add-On Experiences are calculated per service based on number of students participating in the activities.

Contact Us: admin@tsuaustralia.com.au

Ph: 0466 915 552  (9am-5pm Monday to Friday)

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