Why Us?

Our Mission:  To help students lead mindful lives every day, by teaching them the principles and lessons of Mindfulness Yoga.


At TsU, teachers and students unite to teach something useful.


Teaching something useful to us means providing children with the opportunity to learn valuable skills that they can use in their everyday lives.  When children practice Mindfulness Yoga they are developing their emotional, physical and social well-being.


We are passionate about helping young minds to build strength and resilience. By learning to regulate their emotions, build confidence and maintain a positive lifestyle, children will be more prepared to deal with all the things that come into their lives.


In our classes we develop the physical body and the mind so that children have better control over their attention and improve their decision-making abilities, to bring a presence of calm into their busy lives.

Children are at the center of what we do. Our classes are designed to best support children to develop Mindfulness skills, gain confidence and the understanding to use these skills in their everyday lives. 

Kids Yoga Classes

If you're looking for a fun and practical activity for your kids that may also bring a sense of calm to your life, we have just the thing for you. 

Our kids yoga classes run weekly throughout the school term. Each week we will continue to teach and build upon the fundamental Mindfulness Yoga principles through poses, meditation, and games.

Vacation Care Program

We offer Vacation Care Programs during the school holidays that align with the My Time, Our Place Framework. Our Vacation Care Programs are flexible to fit in with your needs and the number of students present in your service. They vary in length and content depending on suitability for your service. We offer half-day and full-day programs with included and additional extras. Students will learn the foundations of yoga and breathing techniques with a focus on being mindful. 

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