Why Mindfulness Yoga with TSU?

With our programs we:

  • Come to your school and work around your timetable.

  • Provide all the equipment needed for our sessions, including yoga mats, yoga blocks and straps. 

  • Can adapt to any space that you are able to provide.

  • Have resources and activities for teachers to use and implement within the classroom environment.

  • Have the required consent documentation for teachers to send to parents and guardians.

  • Are trained in Children's Yoga and behavioural management.

  • Are registered teachers with up to date DCSI Clearances, First Aid Training and Mandatory Reporting Training.

  • Focus on lifelong learning and having fun with everyone involved.


We  encourage teachers and parents to be involved in the Mindfulness Yoga journey.  Teachers are welcome to join in on our sessions, and we offer professional development opportunities for teachers.  We also have more information about us for parents which allows them to keep up to date with our programs. 


For any further information, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

 Click here  for more information about Mindfulness Yoga.


As teachers, we understand the challenges of coordinating programs for students that can fit in with an extensive Australian Curriculum and your busy daily schedules.  We make it simple for you, your students and your school to be involved in our Mindfulness Yoga Programs.