Nadina, Parent

Hi Laura,

I just wanted to thank you immensely for facilitating the yoga classes.

Sienna and Cheyarn thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. 

I believe it was an excellent opportunity for our students to be involved in an activity which certainly benefits their well-being.

Your effort was greatly appreciated.

Kind regards, 


Lucas, Year 7

These yoga lessons are a brilliant way to relax yourself and get into a great mindset. They will benefit anyone because it clears your mind and will allow you to focus and feel happy about yourself. This is why you should definitely do Mindfulness Yoga with TsU.

Erika, Year 7

Absolutely amazing. MindfulnessYoga with TsU is an absolutely outstanding opportunity. I would recommend  this to anyone who wants to give it a go. It can really show your boundaries and relax you in tough times.

Year 6 Teacher

Through the five week program, our year 6 students learnt a variety of different yoga poses, as well as breathing techniques to help with self-regulation. Laura capably adapted to suit children of differing ability levels, enabling them to engage with the program. We are looking forward to using the program again next year!

Eleina, Year 6

TsU yoga is really helpful because it really helps to train your mind to be calm and relaxed. it is also helpful because people really need to be calm and not worry, especially depressed people.

Sarah, Year 7

No matter how you are feeling Laura teaching yoga can send you to a state of peace and tranquility. All you need is focus and you can have a great experience.