Our Programs

Given the challenges with COVID-19, all of our programs that are delivered in schools are currently unavailable. This includes our programs in school hours and OSHC. We are now providing After School and Online Mindfulness Yoga Classes Find out more.

We offer a range of programs that are tailored to suit your teaching requirements and needs and fit in with your school timetable. Our programs are suitable for all schooling ages, from Early Childhood to Junior Primary and Primary to High School.

Mindfulness Yoga with TsU programs run throughout the school term, in OSHC and during Vacation Care. We also provide professional development opportunities for teachers to engage with Mindfulness Yoga.

After School Programs 


As part of our After School Program, we are now offering weekly Mindfulness Yoga classes to everyone. Students will be able to choose from our Face to Face and our Online Mindfulness Yoga classes.  Find out more.

Full Term Programs 


Our full-term programs are between 9-11 weeks (depending on the school term). In these programs, we encourage students to develop their understanding of mindfulness through yoga practice, focusing on extending their strength and breathing techniques during individual and partner yoga.  Find out more.

5 Week Programs

In our 5 week programs, we provide students with an introduction to mindfulness and meditation through yoga practice. Students will be taught the foundations of yoga, breathing techniques and meditation.  Find out more.

OSHC Programs

Our OSHC programs are flexible to fit in with your service and number of students present.  Our programs vary in length and content depending on suitability, available space and your needs as a service.  Find out more.

Vacation Care Programs

Our Vacation Care Programs are flexible to fit in with your needs and the number of students present in the service. Our Vacation Care programs vary in length and content depending on suitability, from once-off yoga sessions and full-day programs to intensive week programs. We cater to all your needs.  Find out more.