About Us

Our Mission:  To help students lead mindful lives every day,

by teaching them the principles and lessons of Mindfulness Yoga.

​At TsU, we provide students with the opportunity to learn valuable skills that they can use while at school and beyond their school day.  Mindfulness Yoga has a variety of benefits that we believe are most important in managing how we deal with all things that comes into our lives. Mindfulness Yoga not only develops the physical body, but it also helps improve the mind. Our programs in Mindfulness Yoga encourage students to self-regulate, build confidence and maintain a positive mindset when trying new things.

We consider that encouraging students of all ages to practise Mindfulness Yoga will help to develop their emotional, physical and social well-being. Over time, embracing these principles and lessons forge strong foundations that allow students to think with clarity, as they have better control over their attention and improve their decision-making abilities, bringing a presence of calm into their busy lives.  

We are passionate about working with teachers and students to create positive environments where self-discovery, communication and awareness are central.  Our staff are encouraged to continue to learn and grow in their Mindfulness Yoga practice, and teaching journey as a big part of their understanding comes from personal practice, ensuring that they can share their learning with the students that they are teaching.

Why Mindfulness Yoga with TsU?